according to mark:  the show

Stripping away 2000 years of candle wax and incense, Broadway, film and TV actor JAMES KRAG brings The Gospel According to Mark to life.

Performed word-for-word from the King James Bible, this 100 minute solo performance reveals the Man from Galilee as he was first known: as a dynamic, courageous rebel; a compassionate, humorous teacher; and a loving, lonely leader…who forever changed the world.

The Gospel According to Mark is believed to be the first written account of the life of Jesus of Nazareth — and when Jim began researching Mark’s Gospel for performance over 20 years ago, he approached it as if it were the only existing account of the life of Jesus. The Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John highlight Jesus’ divinity and call Him a king. Mark’s Jesus displays His humanity and refers to Himself as a servant. Says Jim, “ I couldn’t identify with Jesus the King. I can never be king. But Jesus the Servant, Jesus the Son of Man: that I can emulate. That’s how I can serve. That’s how I can strive to be like Christ.”



Pastor Tom Rook
Fourth Presbyterian Church   Chicago, IL
“Jim Krag’s flawless portrayal of The Gospel According to Mark brings alive the story of Jesus with fresh immediacy.”


Pastor Sheryl Erikson
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Madison, WI

“A spiritually enriching experience!  It was powerful to listen to one person tell the gospel story straight from The Bible with such intelligence and passion.”


Jim and Bernie Treichel
   Habitat for Humanity
“Your thoughtful, carefully researched, chosen – and, yes, humorous – interpretation of Mark’s Gospel continues to inspire us.”



Rev. Deborah Dean-Ware
Church of the Good Shepherd        Ann Arbor, MI
“I’ve seen the show twice now and can’t wait to see it again.”